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In 2014, when I learnt that Ruby and Rails was being migrated to the IBM i server, I immediately became interested in the subject. Ruby was a language I'd heard a lot about in the press but, at the time, being IBM i centric it didn't seem like something that would ever come to the i world. Enter PowerRuby - working with IBM - they brought us Ruby on IBM i.

I started teaching myself Ruby, and there are a lot of online resources to help you do that, I've listed a few below. Soon after getting the Ruby basics under my belt I then moved on to rails, and again there are a lot of excellent online resources to get you started.

Projects and Experience

This is where I need some help. I'm currently working on my own hobby projects but I'm also looking for other small Rails projects I can get my teath in to and start building my Rails portfolio.

If you have a small project that you think might fit the bill then please get in touch.
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Ruby and Rails Resources

  • I initally learnt Ruby using Launch School, they were known as Tealeaf Academy at the time but they have some excellent introductory courses.
  • The Ruby on Rails Tutorial is an excellent place to start learning Rails. The tutorial is free to use online, and I use is as an online reference and reminder, but you have the option of paying for an ebook, which has a solutions book as well.
  • There is an excellent series of videos on YouTube, by Dave Jones, in a playlist called Ruby on Rails 4.0 Lectures. They take you through the development of a basic web app in a step-by-step approach. I'd recommend getting a good grounding in Ruby first but notice that he also has a series of videos on Ruby programming as well, though I've not looked at these myself. I also feel his pain as he struggles, in each video, with the network proxy - you'll see what I mean.


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