I've been developing business solutions with RPG for some 28 years, mostly on the Chorus Finance and Distribtion applications running on IBM i, and during that time I've been involved in some significant implementations and development projects across numerous industries.

The language has come a long way since I first started using it, and probably the most significant change being the ability to develop RPG code in a free format style, as opposed to the fixed format some may be more familiar with.


Here's a summary of the main IBM i skills I've picked up:

  • RPG IV, RPGLE, and RPG free format
    • RPG ILE capabilities including subprocedures, service programs and binding
    • Embedded SQL
  • Rational Developer for i (RDi v9.1 and v9.5)
    • Also familiar with PDM, SDA and some RLU
  • Integrated Web Services for i (IWS)
  • IBM HTTP Server for i
  • DB2 for i
    • System i Navigator SQL scripts
    • Familiar with System i Navigator SQL Performance Monitors
    • Data Studio (DB2 for i)
  • CL (CLLE)
  • IBM i server basic work management

Projects and Experience

I've been involved in hundreds of different RPG related projects, the following list summarises the main areas.

  • UK Finance systems
  • Distribution, Inventory and Warehouse systems
  • Contract Management systems in multiple industries
  • Brewing and Drinks Distribution systems
  • Systems Integration
  • Electronic trading (EDI and XML)
  • Data migration

You can find more information about my experience and some of the projects I've worked on the About page.

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If you're not familiar with IBM i or IBM RPG then you can find out a lot more information using these links: